Alto Recorder

Recorder Lessons and Ensemble Playing

Recorders are not just for kids!
They are available in various sizes which makes them perfect for both ensemble and solo playing.

Learning to play the recorder is an extremely rewarding activity.
Mastering a musical instrument gives you a great sense of achievement and boosts your confidence.

Anthony Gosnell playing the Bass Recorder
Recorders are cheap, portable and easy to play. This makes recorders ideal instruments for group lessons, learning to read music or an introductory woodwind instrument.

I teach using the Suzuki Method which is based on the philosophy that you learn music in a similar way to learning languages and that parents can create an environment in which music is learned as easily as the mother tongue.
This involves immersing the child in music through concerts, developing friendships with other music students and listening to recordings of professional musicians everyday.

Soprano (also called Descant) recorders are the most common size (30 -33cm) as they are a well sized for children and are the cheapest.

Alto recorders are the next bigger size(+/-48cm). They are perfect for a beginning adult as the holes are spaced well for an average adult hand. They also have a more mellow tone than Soprano recorders.

Tenor recorders are bigger (62 - 64cm) and heavier and more expensive than Alto. They use the same fingering as Soprano recorders. They make a great addition in ensembles as well as easily playing solos..

I give group or individual lessons at my studio in Melville, Johannesburg.

Anthony Gosnell playing the Alto Recorder

I also teach music theory, reading and writing of music and can help you prepare for music exams

Blokfluit is the Afrikaans word for Recorder

Below is my youtube channel with demonstrations from the Suzuki Recorder Book 1

Anthony Gosnell - Performing in my band Midlife