African Drums

Djembe Drum Lessons in a small group

The Djembe drum is a traditional drum from West Africa.
It is expressive and portable which makes it a favourite at drum circles.
Playing the Djembe Drum teaches rhythm which is the most fundamental element of music.
It also develops co-ordination, pattern recognition, memory and teamwork.

Most importantly drumming is fun, social and boosts your confidence.

The skills used in Djembe are transferrable to other hand drums such as Darbuka and Congas.

Djembe Drums
Djembe drums are ideal for group lessons and learning to read music rhythms.
I teach them togethor with other percussion instruments including banana bells, shakers and tambourines.

I give small group or individual lessons at my studio in Melville, Johannesburg.

Djembe Drum skin

Anthony Gosnell - Performing in my band Midlife