Anthony Gosnell - Guitar Tutor

Anthony Gosnell - Guitar Tutor

Learning to play a guitar is an extremely rewarding activity. Mastering a musical instrument gives you a great sense of achievement and boosts your confidence.

I am a patient and knowledgeable guitar tutor. I aim to make my students accomplished and well rounded guitarists.

I welcome beginners and intermediate level guitarists, adults and teenagers. I can also help you prepare for Rockschool, Trinity Rock & Pop or Classical exams.

I give private lessons or in small groups.

I give lessons at my studio in Melville, Johannesburg or online using videoconferencing software such as Zoom.

Anthony Gosnell - Guitarist I teach acoustic, electric and bass guitar. I cover rhythm, lead and classical guitar styles.

You will learn to read and write both standard music notation and guitar tablature. As well as scales, chords, chord progressions, fingering variations, fingerpicking, strumming, arpeggios, slurs, time signatures, intervals, harmonizing, transposing etc.

Choosing a Guitar for a Beginner

Anthony Gosnell - Performing in my band Midlife